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Bambui UK Development Association

"Opening Doors of Opportunity to the Less Privileged" 

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BUKDA members during our last AGM in December 2017

Thank you in advance!
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    Make A Donation


    Please join our community of friends, supporters and well-wishers and donate towards our projects and make the lives of children at the margins of society worth living. We welcome donations from individuals, groups and corporate entities.


    You can donate in one of many ways;


    1. You can make a one-off donation using our Paypal donate button.

    2. You could also consider becoming a regular donor and sign up to making monthly, or quarterly contributions to support our course.

    3. You could also choose to adopt one of the children on the scheme and take over their entire education sponsorship for a year or for as long as you wish. 

    If you are a school, a business or a corporation you could consider donating equipment like computers, chairs, or other education and health equipment you deem necessary.

    Please do contact us to discuss any options you have.