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Bambui UK Development Association

"Opening Doors of Opportunity to the Less Privileged" 



BUKDA members during our last AGM in December 2017

Disadvantaged Kids Education Sponsorship Project

Some of the children sponsored by BUKDA as part of the education projetSome of the children sponsored by BUKDA as part of the education projetWith the help of donations from our friends and well-wishers we continue to pursue our dream of 'opening doors of opportunity to the less privileged'. Our volunteers and some members took time to visit most of the kids on the project at home and at school as well as met with Harmony Ladies, our project partners at home. These meetings enabled us to assess the level of progress the children are making, listen to the concerns of the teachers and those under their care and above all those of the children from their own mouths.

The funds we raise through donations and our affordable property management services enable us to provide elementary education for children

Some of the children and their teacherSome of the children and their teacherwhose families are not able to afford to send them to school. Most of the children on our education program have are from families where parents have died of HIV/AIDS or are living with the disease.

We also organise public lectures and presentations on aspects of Bambui, Cameroonian and African cultures. We believe that we can continue to build and improve community cohesion through sharing and understanding our cultures.