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Bambui UK Development Association

"Opening Doors of Opportunity to the Less Privileged" 



BUKDA members during our last AGM in December 2017

Health Promotion Program

From 2016 onwards BUKDA are determined to provide decent toilet facilities for the Tubah Sub-Divisional Hospital, Bambui, the lone hospital in the sub-division. The government built Tubah Sub-Divisional Hospital, Bambui serves the 4 villages that make up Tubah sub-Division. However,  it is sad to note that there is no decent toilet. That pregnant women who attend clinic have to use the bushes to answer the call of nature and also to provide urine samples when they come for ante-natal clinics. 

An image of the dilapidated pit toilet in need of urgent repairAn image of the dilapidated pit toilet in need of urgent repair

In order to put an end to this calamity and to promote encourage and promote health and healthy living within the division, we at BUKDA hereby solicit your help to raise £35,000 to help build and furnish a decent toilet with adequate hand washing facilities at the Tubah Sub-Divisional Hospital, Bambui. Please, do not hesitate to head over to the 'Donate' page to give your widow's mite. Remember that every little helps.