Other Development Projects

BUKDA has previously cooperated with partners Reignite UK, the Bambui Cultural Development Association – BACUDA, Bambui Community Cultural Organisation – BACCO USA and other Non-Governmental Organisations on several development projects. An example is the Ngong Project sponsored by the Big Lottery Fund and executed by Reignite UK. Through this project, the Bambui Community learnt new farming techniques which improved crop production, better storage, improved food processing amongst others.
We are currently working with BACUDA, BACUDA is our sister organisation on several development projects within the community. An example of one project which is underway is the Bambui Palace Museum project. This is an is a project to construct an ultra-modern structure which will serve as a museum to preserve the rich arts and cultural heritage of the Fondom for future generations. If you would like to donate to this project, please head over to our ‘Donate’ page to do so.

Museum Project