'Opening Doors of Opportunity to the Less Privileged

Registered Charity Number: 1131390

Training & Development Project.

                 Bambui  UK Development Associaton - BUKDA

Through our Poverty Alleviation project we have worked with our partners to provide a Community Corn Mill to one of the most needy quarters of Bambui.

BUKDA recognises the importance of Training and Development as we believe that it helps businesses, groups and organisations enhance existing as well as gain new skills.

Over the past 5 years BUKDA has supported nearly 350 children to either begin or stay in education through our disadvantaged and under privileged children's education sponsorship program.

Poverty Alleviation Project.

HIV/AIDS & Disadvangated Children's Education Program.

Please help us give a child, their family and community a future by contributing towards their education! Click on the 'Donate' button below to give generously. Thanks in advance for your help.